Devil in your skin
Lawrd you know they try to split me in two
Divide apart the me and you
Maybe there a devil in their skin
dancing around the flames of doom
Come on now their now less special then fools
You can see it for yourself it in their eyes
I don't even want to know their name
the wars they start and try to hide

It doesn't really matter because in the end your only one
hiding in the mountains, standing all alone

and there's a river that flows threw our souls
it will bring together me and you
you know they're gonna try and stop the flow
but they can't control the rising tide.
We're the fish that swim from sea
we're the life that comes from the deep.
And you know there were signs of warning
written on the walls long ago

(work in progress)

Long lived the phoenix
Yes you can cry me a river to the sea
and I can build me a raft and set me free
then I can make my home up high in the stars
with the moon on the rise
but you know somebody once told me
that the waters will rise
and spill there weight right over these mountains

And you know I'm standing aside
waiting to arise
but I can't find my way threw the smoke
And I can try to climb these wall
stand up real tall
and fall back down again

you've been hoping for so long that the rains will come
and turn this damn desert to lush
But I know you can't see the fire burning in my eyes
turn my heart to ash once again
And there's nothing to deny
you can fly the seven seas
and fulfill your needs threw this time

And you know I'm standing aside
waiting to arise
but I can't find my way threw the smoke
And I can try to climb these wall
stand up real tall
and fall back down again

You know I've seen the fire in the rain
And I've seen the water in the fire
and you know these things don't make no sence
but I' a imaginative type of guy

I know you want the sky
but you can't have it because it's not your
I can tell you way you cry when the sun is up so high
That's just another way you are

And you go on feeling like you need to be pleased
cut me some slack I need to be free

We're all in, All in this together yes we're all in
this together.

Confessions of a stray Part 2: Lost and discarded knowledge.
I been getting to some deep places in my head lately. I am once again starting to see the deep and provoking mysteries of the universe unraveling itself within my spirit. Again, it is causing me to question why. I look to the stars I feel like my home is beyond the milky way. Am I an alien? God, sometimes I feel so much different from everyone else, like I am alone, like there is some sort of reason I am here but can not put my finger on it. Now it seems that I dream of different worlds that are not like Earth. Yeah and, what about that time I got pulled out of my body while I was falling asleep and could feel my ascension towards outer space and watched as earth got smaller and smaller. I accelerated to some incredible speeds and watched stars move by me. I remember going straight threw a red nebula and stopped in the dead of space, that is when my memory fades. I remember that being so realistic I could not understand it and it excited me, I wanted to tell the whole world. I decided just to tell a few people that sort of looked at me like I was fuckin' crazy. I wanted to share this with people, if only I could do a mind meld.

With out a doubt, I think man is overlooking something. Maybe not on on purpose, after all, man is stuck in some kind of comatose and doesn't want to hear about their problems. I went to visit Salt Lake a little while ago just to see my family again. My cousin Pat and I went to a movie called Inside Job, It had some important information on the whole financial melt-down and on the crooks who hijacked this country. Anyways, it seemed that apathy had won the hearts of the Utah people being that pat and I and two other folks were the only ones in the theater. Seems sadly funny in a way to me. Yet, I don't see anyone armed with pitchforks and torches storming the capital building yet.

pick up a hand full of soil you will be picking up the decayed remnants of our predecessors who would probably flip out if they new what was going on. anyways, I'm sick with the flu so I'm going to retire for the night. I will get to the knowledge part some other time.           

Only in Utah Song
Only in Utah the where the cops will take you down
They'll shake you all around turn you upside down
Only in Utah the state where I come from

Only in Utah where the beer taste like swill
It'll make you wanna kill, turn you to the pills
Only in Utah the place where I come from.

It was in Utah where a man could have five wives
two for good luck three just to suck
only in Utah state where I come from.

So much for Utah the place where I come from
If down on good luck, it's a place you'd end up
only in Utah the State of that beehive

I was a Jerk!
I had this dream last night that I was a balding Jerk driving a sports car. It was a really fast car, I remember pealing out in the Alberson's parking lot on 39th S almost hitting a lady with her groceries. I remember stopping to see her thrashing her arms around at me but, I didn't care one little bit. After that, I can remember pealing out again to joy ride around the streets. I remember getting the car up to about 180 MPH. It was kind of a fun dream but, looking back this morning when I was awake, I though I was the biggest Jerk in this dream. When I was dreaming it didn't seem to me that I was being an asshole. I also remember cutting people off and almost making them crash their cars.

I had some not very good dreams before that. I had this dream I was playing guitar with Beck. I could play and everything but my fingers kept getting covered with blood. I didn't see where it was coming from until I rubbed my nose. It was spilling out of my head and soaking my guitar and my fingers. It was almost a clear blood but there was a lot of it. Then I was at this hotel waiting for this person that was going to judge a crowd and point out the guilty one. I was in a huge crowd of angry people that wanted to 'stone' or kill the guilty one. For some reason, I thought I was the guilty one in this dream. We waited outside this hotel for this judge guy to come out and point of the guilty one. Meanwhile, there was this huge python slithering around and intertwining with the railing in front of the judges hotel room. I guess, lucky for me the judge never came out of his hotel room. There was all sorts of people warning me in this dream, my mom was one of them.
I woke up really disturbed form this dream.   

New Song called: Song
all and all I'm just a song
hear me all day long
I can take you to that place
the place where I come from

Where the streets are paved in gold
you can walk the paths of life
to the place I once belonged
before I found your mind

and I won't mind if come to find the time
where the melodies are free
There a dancing upon the water
just like the way they've always done

Now and then there's a spiral
the vortex to within
where the colors all do swearl
you can mix em the way you want

to create another way
another place at another time
Where the shadows all do wonder
in the depths of your mind

Editing required...

Compelling Darkness.
Somebody told me, I forget who, about that way most people with i phones don't look up. They'll walk whilst they dabble upon their new-age, electronical wonder devices. Furthermore, setting us apart from the great apes or, greater apes, if you will. (knowing they can beat the tar out of any man alive) 

My avatar is of a smoking monkey. I've always had a reason for choosing a smoking monkey. No, it's not to be funny. Sure, it might be amusing to watch a smoking monkey. I know this because there is a high probability that I myself would laugh at such a sight. Truthfully, I think of this monkey's life, and what human society has turned this misfortunate tree dweller into. Sure, he might have a certain reflective thoughts while he inhales smoke into his monkey lungs, sure, he might feel a pleasure of sorts. With all things considered, I have to ask myself... Where is this monkey now? Alive... Dead? I could care less that he is smoking; that's not the point. It's a kind of a mystery, just like life. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.    

Today during dog feeding, I was lifting some water buckets up and got sloshed on the upper leg by a five gallon bucket full of dog water. Unfortunately, my cellphone was in my pocket and received a generous mouthful of water.

Well now, I have no way to reach the outside world. And you know what? It's all that water's fault. That damned so called 'crucial element' that is necessary for all life. HOW DARE THEE... 

Well if you didn't get the point of that last line, Who cares...

I find that darkness in some ways can trigger some very compelling thoughts. I am in a place where there is allot of night time. The glowing orb we call the sun is not to be seen for months. I feel are eyes must adapt to this darkness be it metaphorical or, the absence of light. One is easier to adapt to then the other. As seasons change here progressively you can find light in the dark of night. It then becomes day again and you are overwhelmed with the birth of life or, more appropriately a rebirth. I'm rambling here, I get on with it... 

Perhaps I am ready for my everyday "sleepy death nap". Don't worry though, I will be born again in the morning. Not a "born again" but, that same JJ but awake to a new day and to new thoughts and ideas. For example, spring is birth, summer is mid-age, fall is old age, and winter is death. I don't mean that I'm going to off myself anytime soon, I'm just expressing the micro and macro cycles that are in everyday life. The circular design of a clock has a way to measure. Tick tick tick, I can hear it now, and life goes on.   Sorry to much rambling going on here... I hope you'll excuse me. This is a whole new subject that might take a whole day in explaining my thoughts. I hate to look at computers for that long. Now I'm the one not looking up....  ;)              

I had a very weird dream last night. It took place in Salt Lake. I was dog mushing on the streets where I grew up. I was riding along 15th east when my main brake broke off of the sled. Sense there was now no breaks, I could not stop the sled. My lead dog was Strider, and he was doing all the commands except for "whhhoooo!", which is stop. I was out of control running down the streets where I used to live shouting out, Gee for right and hahh for left. Turning on the streets that I know would get us closer to home. One of my biggest worries was running in front of traffic on 3900 So., or 13th east and I didn't want to let go of the sled because I knew the dogs were going to get hurt if I did. I think I finely got them back to my old house in Salt Lake. Then I a corse, woke up. That was my dream.

So today, I have not shit to do. I gave my self a project, and thats to make a pie, an apple pie!  I am making it from scratch too. I'll let you know how it goes and maybe take a picture. :)   


It's good
The last rant was just a misunderstanding. All is well now, the blues keep on, though. That's alright I wright about it later...


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