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A fading dream.
Damn I wish i would a took down this dream I had a few night ago earlier.

It started that I was in a car with my brother Aaron driving in some kind of really cool jungle. It was almost like a paradise of sorts. The place was very lush. I remember seeing a peacock perched a top this really big tree. The sun was illuminating this peacock's feather in such a way it was turning the light into a brilliant blue light that felt so good to be in. Both my brother and I decided to get out and take some pictures of it. It felt very symbolical in the dream. (I did a little research today on that: 

There was a different part of this jungle too, the swamps. At this point of the dream I was with a few people I seemed to know on a boat floating down this big river the connects all the same places I seem to go in my dreams. We came across a huge chicken/man beast that was very clumsy and had not much of an IQ, he had no beak, was about 30 feet tall and, had a red gobbler and a face like a fat man. I wanted to know what happened in the creation of the creature. It was showed to me; the chicken beast had a mother that was a hen and a father that was a demigod human. (think it over). It was not to be, a genetic mistake. I made no attempt with dialog with this creature. Further down, did this dream drift. I was back in the car with my older brother driving out of the jungle. I wanted to stay and find more cool stuff but my brother wanted to go back to Salt Lake. It was a road that reminded me of Jereme's Ranch but was near the Great Salt Lake. The road took us back on I-80 east. There seemed to be no way back after we entered the city. It was more like a maze. I remember walking and finding all these faggy people hanging around that were trying to hit on me. There were trying to talk me into shit I didn't want to do. I got really mad and ran away. 

At this point of the dream I ran into my cousin Pat. The setting changed to some kind of damp cavern. I had on these weird spongy gloves on that i took off. There was this very scary bull/human that was talking to us. All I wanted to do at this point was to get the hell out and back to the jungle but, I was trapped and so was Pat. This beast took pat against his will and brought him into a room. When I looked in this room, he was carving text and symbols onto pats forehead and I could here the bull man talking in almost a Latin sounding language. Pat had blood dripping off of him, the bull was planing to turn him loose with weird text on his forehead. That's when I started to try and get the hell out of there. I ran into people along the way, but they were no help. The last part of the dream the bull spoke to me as I was waking up. The scary part was I could still hear the speech when I was fully awake.

WTF was this dream saying? 

The most mysterious part of the dreamworld is that it has some places and landmarks that I always come across. It's almost like a flashback from different lifetimes I've lived. The fish are always there, swimming around and also feel very symbolic. The air plains I fly, The dream of crashing in the great river with my Dad and being killed. The jungle, The red desert, the badlands where the Great Salt lake is, the huge shallow lake/grassland where Provo is now. The huge endless gap that divides one landmass to another, the wilderness of huge trees, The underground caverns where the water flows in the red desert. The lakes around big cottonwood where TJ lands his plain and fishes, and all the endless wilderness that is up there. The nukes the go off in SLC. Words can't begin to describe or decode all of this. All of these places have meaning and a feeling of familiarity. I feel like I am starting to understand it a little more as I grow older. I feel as if the veal that we have in our waking life has holes in it when it comes to the dreamworld. Perhaps the place I live now will become just another dream of a another person with my knowing or unknowing perspective. Who's ta say?       


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