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My thoughts for today
This growing sense I am becoming awake has put me more in touch with my higher self or, higher being. I am starting to feel how energy effects the body and how essential it is to clear out all the negative goop that hardens not only our spirits but our own physical body. The upper self seems to be telling me that we first must take care of our bodies by cleansing the negative buildup of toxins. I'm not going to go in the science of this but I will recommend a coffee enema. This link will describe the process:       

It is my belief that our bodies functions somewhat like an antenna would; and I'll get to that later. We all have an electric magnetic field not seen by the necked eye that surrounds our bodies. Everyday toxins that we get exposed to can impedes the complex bodily functions that are necessary for maintaining a healthy energy field. As you may know, with health, one thing wrong with the body can lead to other problems that can in turn effect the unseen energy field that I speak of. Most communally, aliments that have to do with our liver, gallbladder, and digestive health seems to be the root of most problems that we may face healthwise. That's why it is important to take care of ourselves. Maybe do a cleanse once and a while, see what it does. It really does make a difference in your overall well being, trust me. 

Now with the notion that our bodies act like sort of an antenna. This is one thing you have to find out on your own. I can say there are a lot of good exercises that people are doing to contact their higher awareness. Meditation is one of these. There is no specific way to meditate. In fact, you should find the best way that works for you. Relaxing the body can allow you to turn your energy away from your musicals and put the effort into your higher functions. Remember: Mercaba. Mind Body Spirit with light.                    


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