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The apex of change
Truth has no clause for reason sometimes, it just happens through the mind, body and spirit that is in all of us. Sheepish people will go out of their ways to hide something they don't want you to know about and, it's growing more apparent everyday that the secrets they keep are small potatoes comparably. Their day-to-day problems are beginning to emerge on the collective conscience level where no secrets will exist.  Something is happening to us, more and more human beings are waking up and smelling the coffee of life. Interconnectedness is starting to ring true on all levels including, religion and science; they are all becoming one. People are starting to see their potentials as creators in a mad world and casting aside their old dogmas that they stubbornly grasped a hold of as if to show the world their might. We are beginning to step out of the mundane and into the exotic.   

Have you ever thought about a person a particular day and had that person subsequently call you on your phone? Why does this happen so much? Why is the intensity of this growing? 

I had another dream during my nap today.

I was at a table with a bunch of people in front of a stage with these people rapping terribly. These rappers had no talent at all. I was waiting for the guest speaker to get up on the stage and give her presentation. In this room there was hundreds of people. This guest speaker walked by me and pointed at me and told me to come up on stage with her. I thought she was picking the person sitting beside me at first so I just sat there, then she turned and told me again to come with her. It was like I was a chosen one. She pointed at about five others and told us to come up on stage with her. We all went up on the stage and were told to turn our backs on the audience so we did. It was my turn to talk to the audience about a flood. On the projector there was a picture of Salt Lake City around the foothills. The next slide was of a boat sitting atop someone house. The lady told me to talk about the "what ifs" of a flood being in Salt lake. I spoke to the audience and couldn't really articulate myself in a way I wanted to. So I left the stage and heard people talking about me. I was taken by surprise and didn't have the facts about a coming flood that I never heard of.

The meaning of my dreams are getting so intense. The dream world is a mysterious realm. Almost ever night I have a dream that I can remember with a lot of details. I know people don't really read my blog, I don't care. However, if you have the same thing going and you somehow just stumbled upon this blog and need a good person to talk with about this subject, by all means, please comment or message me, I'd be happy to talk to you. Much love


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